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Group & Event Sitters

Group Childcare Rates and Fees

Type of Booking 
Daily: Valid for the date of the job only.
Weekly: Valid for seven (7) consecutive days from the first date requested. 
Monthly: Valid for thirty (30) consecutive days from the first date requested. 
Annual: Valid for one year from the first date requested. Example- an Annual Membership is purchased on June 30th, 2009 , but 1st date of service used is  July 13, 2009 then the membership will expire July 13, 2010. Annual Members are entitled to overnight referrals.

(1) Sitter will be referred for every (5) children (depending on age- agency will use discretion with younger children, infants or young toddlers and may require (2) sitters per (5) children in these cases). 

An upfront booking fee per sitter is required to hold and book sitters for your date and time. It is non–refundable and paid at the time the group application is submitted or contract is signed. 

Group Booking fee rates (per sitter): Daily: $30; Weekly: $40; Wedding Sitter: $25 per sitter; Annual Membership $275
For ongoing events booking fees will be determined in a proposal. 

Group Hourly rate (per sitter): $25/hr 
Group  Holiday Hourly Rate: $30/hr

Annual Member Group Hourly Rate: $20 an hour 
Annual Member Holiday Group Hourly Rate: $25 an hour 

MILEAGE/PARKING: .25/mile to and from (paid to sitter) up to $10 max/job and any parking fees.

Payment For Group Childcare:
Guardian Angels Sitting Service requires that all members keep a major credit card on file. All major credit cards are accepted. Guardian Angels will charge all agency fees to the Credit Card on file. 50% of estimated cost is due at the time of application/ babysitter booking. Remaining balance will be charged after services have been completed

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