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Pet Sitting Rates & Fees

Daily: Valid for the date of the job only.
Weekly: Valid for seven (7) consecutive days from the first date requested. 
Monthly: Valid for thirty (30) consecutive days from the first date requested. 
Annual: Valid for one year from the first date requested. Example- an Annual Membership is purchased on June 30th, 2009 , but 1st date of service used is  July 13, 2009 then the membership will expire July 13, 2010. Annual Members are entitled to overnight referrals.

Booking Fees: Daily: $20 per day - unlimited 15 or 30 minute visits;  Weekly: $45; Monthly: $90 additional $10 for drop off and staycation per day; Annual: $300/year

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Booking Fees and Annual Membship fees are NON- refundable and may be charged anytime from the time the application is received up until 24 hours piror to your sitting period. These fees are per sitter and per family.

Consultation/ Key exchange: $20 (20-30 minutes- familiarize sitter with your home, pet and instructions; exchange key) IF key is not exchanged at consultation and sitter needs to pick up/ drop off key there will be a $10 charge for pick up and a $10 charge for drop off 

15 minute visit: 
$15 (add $2 for each additional pet)
Each Visit includes:
Medication (by mouth only)
Fresh water & food

30 minute visit: 
$20 (add $2 for each additional pet)
Each Visit includes:
Medication (by mouth only)
Fresh water & food
Potty Break
Cage/litter cleaning 

Hotel/ Vacation Hourly Service: $23 per hour with a (3) hour minimum plus up to $10 in mileage paid to the sitter and parking fees. It is $2/hour for each additional pet. 

Staycation- $50 per 24 hour period ~Sitter Stays in your home with your Pet, while you are on vacation! Our sitters will love and care for your pet- so much, they may not notice you are gone! They will keep them comfortable in their familiar environment and make sure the routine they are most used to will be followed. Add $25 for overnight stays on a Holiday per 24 hour period.

  • Up to 24 hours with 10 hour consecutive overnight stay
  • (2) 30 minute visits (during daytime hours) * additional visist available at above pricing
  • Medication if needed (by mouth only)
  • Fresh water & food
  • Potty Breaks
  • Exercise/playtime/ walk
  • Cage/litter cleaning if applicable

Drop off - 1 pet: 1/2 day: $20- (4 hrs~8 Am-12 Pm or 12 Pm- 4 Pm); Full day/ Overnight- $40 (24 hours); Add $5 for each additional pet. *Any time period over 4 hours will be charged as a full day.This service is great for those of you who are staying at a vacation property or hotel that does not allow for pets. Some of our sitters are willing to allow for you to drop off your pet at their home in our local area, while you are on vacation. *Some sitters may have pets of their own- in this case your pet must be friendly toward other animals and must have proof of rabies vaccines and be up to date on all shots. 

Additional Services Available to Annual Members 
Pet Taxi
Errand Service
Vet Visits
Grooming Appointments

Pet Taxi /Errand Service 
$25 round trip (includes mileage)

Pet Taxi Service includes(annual members only)
Transportation for your pet!
Pick up/ drop off at the Groomers
Pick up/ drop off at Veterinarian (Some Veterinarians offer this)

Errand Service includes: (annual members only)
Brief visit with pet
Picking up items from a local pet shop (up to 10 items)
Picking up prescription medications from Veterinarian Office

Veterinarian Visits: (annual members only) 
$25 + $10 per hour (1/2 hour minimum) 
Visits that require the sitter to stay with your pet at the Veterinarian Office 

General Policies
Guardian Angels Sitting Service requires 48- hour notice to book a pet sitter. Requests made within 48 hours of sitting start time will incur an additional $20 charge. Applications received after hours will incur an additional $10 same day/ after hours booking fee. Applicant is responsible for all services requested at the time of application plus any additional requests added once application has been submitted. 48 hours notice is required in writing to the agency via email for changes to schedule/ services, otherwise applicant is responsible or payment of those services scheduled. Annual Membership is required in order to enjoy certain services such as Pet Taxi, Errand Service, Veterinarian Visits and Staycation.

$10 extra per visit. (Holidays include: – New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, President's Day (Observed), Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, (Observed), Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

Same day/ after hours-booking fee: Additional $10 charge for same day bookings when application is received during office hours.  For last minute bookings after business hours, on holidays and on Weekends an additional $15 will be charged.

Transportation/Mileage and Parking Fees*: Paid to the sitter in Cash; Sitter will make family aware of parking fees if applicable. 
Mileage - .25/mile (paid to sitter) up to $10 max/job plus parking or if a gate fee is applied.  This would be applicable for hourly sitting jobs.
*In some of our locations; ride sharing fees may be charged, due to the location or parking situation of the job; 
an additional mileage fee may need to be added due to the distance of the location or 
a parking fee or gate fee may be required. All of these expenses will need to be reimbursed to the sitter.

Medical History
All Pets must have proof of proper vet care/ appropriate required shots- if on vacation this can be faxed by your Veterinarian, directly to us: 1-877-470-4277

Method of Payment
Guardian Angels Sitting Service requires that all members keep a major credit card on file.  All major credit cards are accepted for membership fees and agency fees. Agency fees are to be paid at the completion of service. 
Sitters only accept cash payment. Cash payment is to be left in an envelope on the kitchen table of the home for each date of service. If multiple dates of service are requested in advance and you will be away from your home over that period of time, payment is to be made individually in separate envelopes for each date of service. Each envelope is to be labeled: “Guardian Angel” and the date of the service with the correct amount of cash sealed inside. 
Veterinarian Services are to be paid for by Credit Card directly with your Veterinarian or a check is to be left for the sitter in the envelope with their cash payment.  Errand Services: Additional cash or check is to be left for the sitter for any items that you would like the sitter to pick up for you (up to 10) as well as a clear and legible list and store name/location that you would like the items purchased from.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations within 48 hours of the start time of the job Guardian Angels will collect the entire payment for both the agency and sitter. Cancellations prior to 48 hours of the start time will incur no charge.

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