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Sitter Testimonials

My name is Vera James and I have been working for Guardian Angels and with families since September 2016. I presently live in Decatur, Ga. and have taken care of children from ages 7 weeks old to 11 years of age. I have traveled as far as 51 miles from Decatur to the families' homes. I have really enjoyed working for Guardian Angels and Guardian Angels/ Back Up Care. I think the families we serve are blessed to have such a caring, dependable, supportive agency which takes pride in sending the most qualified and loving sitters and nannies to assist them in their child care needs.                              
Vera James- Atlanta, GA
Guardian Angel Sitter Since September 2016

I’m a sophomore biology student that attends Georgia State University. I also come from a family of nine. As you can see, it was difficult to manage my time between school and family. For a while, I worked a part time job and it became difficult to balance all my priorities. A friend of mine told me about Guardian Angels in the beginning of the summer this year. I’ve had the pleasure to babysit for families in and around the Atlanta area. Guardian Angels allowed me to obtain a job whilst juggling my hectic life. For anyone who adores children and needs a flexible schedule, Guardian Angels Sitting Service is highly recommended. 
Lourdes M- Atlanta, GA
Guardian Angels Sitter since August 2016

I would definitely recommend Guardian Angels Sitters to other potential employees. Their hiring and training process was very detailed and went in a very smooth manner. They made sure that you are prepared and qualified.
Adriana O- Atlanta, GA 
Guardian Angels Sitter since 2016

I recently wanted to look for work because I am a stay at home wife and wanted to do something more with my time. I started looking around on the internet for something that would be something I enjoy and also that I could kind of pick and choose when I wanted to work. I found Guardian Angels and did some reading up on the company and found that it was something I knew I would enjoy. I have had the opportunity to work a few childcare jobs along with many pet sitting jobs. I recently had the opportunity to work a group event which also was very fun getting the chance to work with many kids and seeing all their different personalities.  I have been with Guardian Angels for about 4 months and I would recommend them to anyone looking for something that is easy and fun. 
Leann W- Charleston, SC
Guardian Angels Sitter since November, 2015

I've been with Guardian Angels since June of 2010. I found them online, filled out the application and have had many positive experiences. If you are looking for a company that works with your schedule and introduces you to many people, this is it!
Theresa L., Savannah, GA
Guardian Angels Sitter since June, 2010

 Hi my name is Suzanne. I have worked for Guardian Angles for about 5 years now. I have had the pleasure to watch many children of all ages through this great company. Everyone that I have worked for has always had great things to say about the company and the sitters. Working for Guardian Angles has also given me the opportunity to grow . We do many different types of jobs within the company. We do one on one, group jobs for companies, the military and weddings. We also offer house and pet sitting and elderly companionship. So if you’re looking for a great way to earn some extra money and meet new people this is a great job. 
Suzanne T- Hilton Head Island, SC 
Guardian Angel Sitter Since February 2012

I love working here and the families are so neat.  We always hear about our good comments from them.  We have fun with the kids and we want them to have fun.  Please try our service, very good sitters. 
Lee B- Hilton Head Island, SC 
Guardian Angel Sitter Since 2017

I have only worked for Guardian Angels Sitting Service for a short period of time, but I absolutely love it. I am someone who loves kids and pets, this is the perfect opportunity for me. It is quick, easy, and fun.
Miranda S - Savannah, GA 
Guardian Angels Sitter since 2016

I am currently a student at Coastal Carolina University and heard about Guardian Angels through a job fair. I recently completed the intense process of earning this job just a few weeks ago, and look forward to meeting my first family! I would recommend this company to anyone who loves kids or just loves helping others in general!
Taylor G - Myrtle Beach, SC

I have been a sitter for Guardian Angels for over three years and enjoyed every minute. I have met some interesting people and their precious children. In my sitting experiences, I have sat for children from England, France, Australia, and the US. I also pet sit and have had some wonderful encounters with people and their four legged kids. Sitting for Guardian Angels is a great part time job, as well as a way to expand your horizons about different people and their lives.
Sandee C - Savannah, GA 
Guardian Angels Sitter since 2012

I love that I am taking care of the most important loved ones in families' lives while they take a breather.... it’s a great feeling to have a job where you know the service you offer truly matters.
Louise R
Guardian Angels Sitter since April, 2016 
Hilton Head Island, SC 

"Working as a babysitter for Guardian Angels has helped me regain hope in humanity.   I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting some wonderful local families and families on vacation.  The parents are appreciative of a dependable and trustworthy childcare service.   Because the agency has a good reputation, it is in high demand by parents.  As a result, there are usually babysitting jobs that fit my schedule.  Working for Guardian Angels has been a fun and easy way to make extra money!" 
Ly N
Guardian Angels Sitter since January 2015
Hilton Head Island, SC

I am a retired teacher looking for ways to supplement my retirement income.  Working for Guardian Angel has been a good way to do this.  The families I meet are wonderful!!  I have had jobs with local families in Charleston, but most of the time I am hired to babysit for weddings or folks on vacation.  I am a native Charlestonian, so it is fun to go to the local luxury hotels and resorts that I would usually never have a reason to visit. I would encourage anyone looking for part time work with flexible hours who loves children to try Guardian Angels Sitting Service.  
Robin S
Guardian Angels Sitter since July, 2014
Charleston, SC

I am a fairly new sitter of the Guardian Angels agency and so far I am loving it. I started working as an Activity Coordinator for the summer 2016 and I also do occasional babysitting. There are a lot of job offers in the areas that I work, Hilton Head, Bluffton and Savannah, which is great if you are looking to make some extra cash. Working as a babysitter is very rewarding, because you get to spend time with children, teach and learn from them and have a good time. Guardian Angels makes sure that both families and babysitters can have a good and safe experience! 
Thatiane D
Guardian Angels sitter since June 2016
Pooler, GA

It's been a pleasure working with the families for GASS.
Veneice G
Guardian Angels Sitter since June 2013
Beaufort, SC

Sitting for Guardian Angels has been a wonderful experience for me. I was interested in supplementing my income. Initially, I wanted to sit with elderly clients but have accepted many assignments to sit with young children. I really enjoy developing activities for them and meeting so many of their families. I recommend Guardian Angels to anyone that desires to gain more experience working with children. Guardian Angels is a highly professional organization and highly regards its people, both clients and sitters.
Kimberly H. 
Guardian Angels Sitter since April, 2013 
Savannah, Georgia

I needed a summer job in the Savannah and Hilton Head area while I was home from school at UGA. I found Guardian Angels online. The application process was thorough and they made sure I had a background check done and was CPR certified. I have babysat many sweet, amazing children all throughout the area since May 2014. I love working for Guardian Angels!
Grace C 
Guardian Angels Sitter since May, 2014 
Savannah, Georgia

I became a Guardian Angels Sitter this past summer while I was home from college! A nice lady who I babysat for recommended this agency to me. I love working with all different kids of all ages. It helped me make some extra money this summer for college. Thank you for hiring me. I am ever so thankful for this job. 
Kate B. 
Guardian Angels Sitter since June, 2015 
Hilton Head Island, SC

As a retired teacher, Guardian Angels has given me the opportunity to continue to work with children. The work in finding an assignment is done for you. Prior to accepting, one knows the time, location, number of children and their ages. It is as simple as that, no pounding the pavement on your own looking for jobs. Through my Guardian Angel assignments I have met so many wonderful people and have worked at many beautiful resorts and private homes. I love working for Guardian Angels and I look forward to many more assignments.
Deb V 
Guardian Angels Sitter since October, 2014 
Hilton Head Island, SC

I moved to Georgia last year to attend graduate school and wanted to make some money babysitting. I found the Guardian Angels Sitting Service and have absolutely loved working for the agency! I have had great experiences babysitting for families in the Savannah, Hilton Head and Richmond Hill areas. I would recommend working for this agency for anyone who loves working with amazing families and children!
Guardian Angels Sitter since November, 2014 
Savannah, Georgia

After retiring from teaching school for 30 years, but not yet a Grandma, I found Guardian Angels Sitting Service absolutely enjoyable part-time work for me.  I have met some wonderful local families along with tourists & visiting families in the Hilton Head & Bluffton, SC area.  The flexibility of scheduling jobs to meet your needs is a definite plus for me.  I love my job & would highly recommend Guardian Angels to anyone who enjoys working with children.
Helen R
Guardian Angels Sitter since Feb 2014 
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

For the past five years, Guardian Angels has given me the chance to make extra money babysitting during my summers on Hilton Head and throughout both my high school and college career. I have gained valuable experience from my CPR training and working with a variety of different children. I look forward to returning to Hilton Head during the holidays and summers to allow vacationing parents to enjoy a night out, while I watch over what matters most!
Erin A
Guardian Angels Sitter May, 2010 
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

I needed a job that was flexible with my schedule while I'm a full time student at Armstrong and I couldn't have found a better one. Guardian Angels makes sure that you have plenty of job opportunities and lets you pick when you can work. They make sure that before you’re hired you have CPR certification, just in case of an emergency. This is such an amazing job opportunity and I love working with them! 
Lauren C 
Guardian Angels Sitter since August, 2015 
Savannah, Georgia

I started with Guardian Angels in the summer of 2014. Another sitter recommended me to them because she knows I love working with children. My experience has been nothing but pleasant and I have met so many other amazing sitters at our group jobs. I am currently enrolled in school and Guardian Angels always works with me, with my schedule, which makes it very manageable! I am so glad I was recommended to Guardian Angels! 
Cameron W. 
Guardian Angels Sitter Summer, 2014 
Savannah, Georgia

I started working for Guardian Angels during the summer this year and it has been a pleasure.
I have enjoyed meeting all of the different families and helping them with their childcare needs.
I'm glad I discovered Guardian Angels and I hope to continue working with the agency for a long time.
Kim E. 
Guardian Angels Sitter since August 2015 
Hilton Head Island, SC

After looking for a fun job for the summer, my older sister directed me toward Guardian Angels Sitting Service. The application process was very extensive and strict, but for great reasons. Who wouldn't want a qualified, safe sitter to watch their children? The job was fun, exciting, and always full of new experiences. The other sitters I worked with were fantastic, the families I sat for were always so loving, and even the owners of the company were awesome. It was a great experience working for Guardian Angels!
Lexie L 
Guardian Angels Sitter since May 2015 
Hilton Head Island, SC

I work full time at the bank and needed a part time job with flexible hours close to my house. I found Guardian Angels online and submitted the application. The application process was thorough and they made sure I had a background check done and was CPR certified. I have babysat many sweet, amazing children all throughout the area since July 2014. I love working for Guardian Angels!
Bahar A. 
Guardian Angels Sitter since July, 2014 
Hilton Head Island, SC         

I am an in the acting business, therefore I need a lot of flexibility. Guardian Angels is perfect for me! The application process was very thorough. They interviewed me in person, ran a background check on me and made sure my CPR certification was up to date. I work with all different families in different locations, it’s great. I meet such a diverse group of kids with unique, individual personalities. We do all sorts of activities together. I also get to work in some really nice places, which is even more of a bonus. I also have had some great pet sitting jobs. I have learned a lot and have seen a lot through Guardian Angels!!
Giovanna C. 
Guardian Angels Sitter since June 2014 
Savannah, Georgia

As a student-athlete at the College of Charleston, I didn't have time to have an hourly job. Guardian Angels provided me with the perfect type of employment. I not only get the chance to work with kids, but I can take jobs based on my very hectic schedule. I've enjoyed every minute of being a part of the Guardian Angels babysitting service. It is an extremely professional service that puts their clients and employees first.
Hope W. 
Guardian Angels Sitter since April 2015 
Charleston, South Carolina

It has been more than two years since I have been associated with Guardian Angels and I will continue with our relationship. 
Semi-retired and a journalist by profession, I also hire out as a personal chef. For more than 15 years I have been babysitting as well and do have my own sources. 
However, each of my occupations has slow to dead periods, which thankfully, 
Guardian Angels manages to fill. The clients feel confident with me as their caregiver, and I have found them to be courteous, pleasant and generous. I almost always receive a tip. 
Melissa has been surprisingly good to work with. Why surprisingly? She is 
a high-powered, fast-talking Jersey girl – yet she is efficient, professional and 
Presently, I am on assignment out of the country, loving it, but do miss “my kids.” 
I know that Melissa will find me some jobs upon my return in December. 
Eileen S. 
Guardian Angels Sitter since September 2013 
Charleston, SC

Guardian Angel Sitting Services has provided me with an excellent opportunity of employment. I endure a busy schedule during the summer and I am able to pick the dates that I am available. I am making an excellent pay while having all of my jobs scheduled for me and I am doing what I love to do! The families I have met are pleasant parents and children who have welcomed me with open arms. Thank you to Melissa Monge for her quick communication and help with everything! -Erin (Hilton Head Island, SC)

If you are interested in babysitting and love children, I highly recommend joining Guardian Angels Sitting Service. First of all you know you are going to safe households. Second of all, your clients will feel more comfortable trusting you to babysit for their children because they will know that Guardian Angel Sitting Service trusts you. Thirdly, it is very simple to get jobs, and it fits exactly to your schedule! I really enjoy being a part of this agency. I was happy to obtain my CPR certification. Between Guardian Angels orientation and my own experience with children, I feel very confident caring for any family that they may refer to me! The application process seems like a lot, but it is totally worth the time it may take you to become a Guardian Angel! -Roxanne (Cape May, NJ)

I recently moved from Connecticut to New Jersey and I wanted to make some money babysitting while I looked for a full time teaching job. A friend of mine told me about Guardian Angel Sitting Service. I have been with Guardian Angels since January 2010 and I have had the pleasure of babysitting many wonderful families in Cape May County. I would recommend Guardian Angel Sitting Service to anyone who loves children and wants to babysit for great local families! -Jessica (Ocean City, NJ)

Applying to become a Guardian Angel was probably the best choice I've ever made. It is such a convenient and rewarding job. It doesn't feel like a job though, it is more of a privilege. All of the families I have babysat for are so great and all of the children are so adorable. It has been my absolute pleasure to be able to babysit for these incredible families. It is such a great work opportunity because you get booked for jobs around your schedule and convenience. This job has given me confidence and taught me even more responsibility. If you are thinking of joining Guardian Angels Sitting Service I recommend it 100%. It will be one of the best and most rewarding choices you will ever make. The application process is a breeze with the assistance of Christina Walls, she is such an inspiring woman and helps and guides you with everything you could possibly need along the way and throughout working for the service. - Morgan (Cape May, NJ)

Guardian Angels Sitting Service has provided me with the opportunity to make extra money during the times that are convenient for me. Being a teacher and a coach, there aren't many options out there for another job. This service lets me pick up as many hours as I need, while enjoying what I do! They have given me flexibility while being generous and personable. Going out to the individual jobs is always very smooth and they provide me with all the information ahead of time. I have recommended this service to others and I will continue to do so! - Liz (Middletown, NJ)

Being a babysitter for Guardian Angels Sitting Service has been a rewarding experience. Besides making a nice amount of money, I have met many Island residents and visitors. The children I've looked after have all been a joy to spend time with - we've done hair braiding, built pillow forts, played board games, read books, and walked the
beach. In addition to being a sitter, I also work a full-time job and Melissa has been very accommodating to my schedule. I can prettymuch work as much or as little as I need. I look forward to many more sitting jobs! - Susan, 
(Hilton Head Island, SC)

Guardian Angels Sitting Service has been the best experience I could have asked for. The children are always great and a pleasure to be around. You're always suprised at the things they say! The scheduling is great- you just make the schedule and send it in based on when you want to work and do as you please with the rest of your time. The interview was very well in detail, as it should be when caring for loved ones. The screening process can seem like a huge load but that's only if you procrastinate, so stay on top of things! Most importantly, in working with this agency, I have come to find out that doing a job you love doesn't make it a job at all! -Shannon (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)

I moved to the Hilton Head area from Charleston to attend college and was looking for a fulfilling job that would fit into my schedule. I found that job with Guardian Angels Sitting Service. I enjoy working for Guardian Angels Sitting Service for several reasons. First and foremost I have met some wonderful families and some really great children and I really enjoy my time with them. Guardian Angels offer an opportunity to work around my school schedule and I get to do something I truly love. It is a tremendous responsibility with great rewards! 
Kelsie L (Hilton Head and Charleston)

My name is Lee Pandolfe. I am a retired Child and Family Therapist from Connecticut. I would like to say a few words regarding the Guardian Angels Program of greater Hilton Head and its Director Melissa Monge. This is an exceptionally well-run organization. Melissa only selects caregivers who have demonstrated superior competence in all facets of Child Care. Her employees are responsible, well trained and knowledgeable. She provides valuable information on age-related activities, safety and first aide. She extends immediate assistance if there is any type of concern to her employees and client families as well. She is a loving parent herself and prides herself on excellence in all areas that affect her outstanding organization. I am honored to be a part of the Hilton Head Guardian Angels and recommend this highly professional and responsible service.
Sincerely, Lee Pandolfe, BS, M.Ed, MSW, LCSW

Working for Guardian Angels Sitting Service has been a wonderful experience all around. I've had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful families, local and visiting, with exceptional, well-behaved children. From playing around outside to swimming at the beach, I've enjoyed every minute with the kids I've babysat. In addition, the flexible schedule allows for me to pick up jobs when I'm not away at school. I would highly recommend applying to become a sitter with Guardian Angels to anyone who loves kids and is looking for a job! 
Kelly J Hilton Head, SC

“Guardian Angels Sitting Service is a very beneficial job if you love being around kids, and want to make your own hours. It is awesome meeting new families, and having the chance to play with many different children. You can choose the times and days you are available to work, and Christina is very good with working around your schedule.” Jessica B.

“I truly enjoy working for Guardian Angels Sitting Service. It's a great opportunity to work with children and families in your area and make some extra money on the side. You let them know what shore towns you want to do as well as your availability and the number and ages of children you feel comfortable sitting and they contact you accordingly. I have not had a bad experience yet. Christina Walls runs the agency with her sister and she is the sweetest! She has 3 little kids of her own and she is an absolute pleasure to work for. If you apply she will ask you for a background check, 5 references (whom she will contact), CPR certification (if you don't have it you can schedule something with her), and you will sit through an orientation just to become comfortable with the G.A.S.S. protocol and meet some of the other sitters. You have the freedom to schedule work how you want. They operate year round (obviously summer is the busy season). If you will be moving back to the Philadelphia area in the fall they schedule sitters up there as well so you could always keep working. This is an ideal job for anyone who enjoys children or especially those that work in the child care/education field full time.” Kristen Moorby

“I have been working for Guardian Angels Sitting Service for nearly three years now and have been just as happy as when I started! Christina works with the clients and I to provide me with a flexible schedule and families that are a perfect fit! In the three years, I have never had a problem working for Guardian Angels, and I have recommended them to numerous people for part time jobs and for child and pet care needs. I have always received positive feedback from those people that have used the agency and worked for the agency. It is also a great job for those that live down the shore in the summers and are looking for a flexible schedule.” Liz M.

“Best job if you need some extra part time money! Christina is wonderful and I love how she let's you make your own schedule.” Jessica T.

“Working for Guardian Angels has been a wonderful experience... I love the flexibility and convenience of 'making my own schedule' and all of the families I have worked for have been great! I love to meet new families from all over and consider it a privilege to watch their children. Christina is a pleasure to work with... thanks Guardian Angels!” Lauren K.

“Working for Guardian Angels has been the most stress free job I've ever had! The screening process was thorough but very simple to complete. Christina is by far the nicest woman to work for; she is very organized and shows great appreciation for all the work we do for her company. One of the reasons I have worked for the agency for 3 years is that we make our own schedules! This has allowed me to work a second job without the scheduling conflicts. The families that I have babysat for were wonderful and made me feel very comfortable watching their children. Working for Guardian Angels is one of the best decisions I have made for experience with children, and of course in making quick money!” Crista F.

“So far my experience working for the Guardian Angels Sitting Service has been excellent. I have babysat numerous families who have all been great, and haven't had any problems or issues with any of them. The company is safe and reliable. The best part about it is being able to travel to new locations up and down the shoreline. The agency is very flexible; therefore I work around my schedule. With this, I still receive plenty of jobs. I am so happy to be spending this upcoming summer with the agency!” Sara L.

Dear Families,
I have had a great experience with Guardian Angels.  I have watched many wonderful children and met some great families in the Low Country.  I would recommend any family to Guardian Angels!
Jennifer B

I've been with Guardian Angels now for over 7 years. I have enjoyed every minute. I found the sitting jobs to be a welcomed challenge as every sitting job may be similar but always different. I've enjoyed meeting other sitters as well as families from all over the US and internationally. I can honestly say that the pay is very competitive. If you are looking for something that works with your schedule this is a perfect business for that. If you love working with children and like having fun in the process this is the company to work for.

This company based their reputation on family first and business last. I truly enjoyed being in the presence of humble individuals that didn't mind helping the least among us.

Love working here!
The hours are flexible. The pay is great. The children are great. The out of town jobs are even better. I love meeting the other babysitters.

We had a wonderful experience with very warm and competent sitter!!We used her for dog sitting. Highly recommend this service!
Julianna C

-The most enjoyable part of the job is getting to be around the kids and when we are having fun.
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